Monthly Archives: October 2011



So Halloween is actually Tiger and my anniversary. We used to go out to dinner and enjoy an evening with hardly anyone else out. It was perfect.

But you know what is even more perfect? Dressing up you Little Cub as Tigger and going Trick-or-Treating all together while Shiva gives out candy at our home.

Even more perfect than that? Coming home after trick-or-treating and seeing your usually anti-social Cub answer the door and give out candy with his Shiva while Mommy and Tiger enjoy a cold beverage and a break on the back porch.

Happy Halloween!!

Cub vs Tiger

Tiger and Cub played soccer in the front yard tonight. I want to tell you how sweet this was to watch but I spent most of the time yelling for Tiger to chill out and let Cub score. I finally yellow carded him. Who plays competitive soccer with a toddler?!!? Tiger does.

First Haircut for Cub


I’m still recovering from this experience so I’ll be brief. It was brutal for everyone involved. This photo doesn’t begin to share the experience. It was a complete meltdown from the water sprayer to the scissors you would have thought we were trying to kill me. Thank you amazing Great Clips lady for being the fastest hair cutter in all the land.