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Reading Cub a story that went something like ‘I do not like green eggs and-cough cough cough, I do not like them Sam I cough cough am.’ Cub got fed up and said ‘Can I just do it?’ Hahahaha He requires so much patience but offers none 🙂 so much for that bonding opp….

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Close call

So last night, Cub pulled out the bottom drawer out of the dresser on the left and stepped into it. The dresser’s weight shifted and then toppled onto him. He was pinned underneath. Thankfully the drawers came out as it toppled so the impacts on his body were staggered and not simultaneous. He fell facedown and a drawer pinned his head to the floor, other drawers pinned his shoulder, left arm, and lower leg. Tiger and I ran as soon as we heard the crash and found him pinned and quiet. Tiger began trying to lift the dresser (it’s hundreds of pounds and took 3 movers to move into the home) while I pulled Cub out from under. Once he was out and screaming, we rushed out the door to urgent care. He was seen almost immediately and much to our surprise- not one single broken bone!! He’s got several straight line bruises from where the drawers made impact and pressed until we were able to get it off, so he will be sore for a few days but that’s it!

And now the furniture is bolted to the walls.