Monthly Archives: October 2012

Halloween is a Team Sport

We went Trick-or-treating again this year with Shiva manning the house for trick-or-treaters. Cub didn’t last very long as it was pretty cold outside this year. That was ok though because as we learned last year, Cub’s favorite Halloween activity is giving out the candy, not getting it! There were some pretty scary costumes as the night went on but he didn’t mind one bit. The young man in the werewolf mask actually high-fived Cub!

We didn’t celebrate our anniversary tonight like we used to. It was too cold and we were too tired!

Perfect Day!!

Teacher: I don’t know what you do when Cub has a perfect day but it better be big! Me: well we’ve never had one before so…….. 🙂

Cub has been on a behavior modification token board system for several months now. We’ve seen progress with behavior and potty training but we still lag behind his peers.

Every day, Cub is working for something and his chart has two extra reward tokens so if he goes beyond expectations, his board can reflect that. Today his token board is full!!

Cub loves to cook so we went home and made a cauliflower crust pepperoni pizza and had icecream!

The battle lines are drawn


Its going to be a LONG night. When Cub is not nice or makes a bad choice, he gets a toy in timeout. And he has to earn them back. So far tonight we have 19 trains, Ellie, and his pumpkin.

We start with the favs, too!  and they get returned in reverse order with favs up there the longest. It usually works but tonight I’m running out of toys he actually cares about!