Monthly Archives: November 2012

State of Emergency

Froggy and Ellie are missing! Froggy and Ellie are two of his baby blankets. Ellie is a lovey and Froggy is a full sized baby blanket. (Picture Linus). They travel to and from school every day. Once a few months ago we had a similar emergency where Ellie didn’t make it home. I got on and found the exact same lovey and had it shipped to our house to keep as a backup. My sister called her back-up fake Ellie and told me to run her over with my car a few times, bury her in a sand box and dig her up, then wash her 20 times before I tried to pass her off as the real thing.

Cub cried himself to sleep in Tiger’s arms asking for Ellie and Froggy. Once asleep, Tiger put him to bed. But at 1:30am, Cub awoke to no Froggy or Ellie. I did not head my sister’s advice and attempted to present back-up fake Ellie. Cub was not having it. He threw back-up fake Ellie on the floor and said, “It is NOT OK MOMMY.”

Update: 3 years later we still call them Real Ellie and Fake Ellie. Now they are almost equally raggedy but Cub says he can tell which is which by looking at their eyes.

Just like Tiger

Tiger has been taking Cub out on the golf course pretty regularly now that he is a bit older and communicates more. Today, I went out with them and rode in the cart. It was a beautiful day and I loved watching them play together.