Monthly Archives: December 2014

Catching a Tiger Cub

Cub is an eloper. That means he leaves a safe place. We’ve lost Cub a few times. Recently, he eloped and as we frantically searched the neighborhood a woman found him playing with toys in her garage.
That was the final straw. Cub now wears a GPS monitor that allows us to track him and talk to him. It doesn’t solve the problem but it will allow us to find him more quickly in the future so he doesn’t get hurt!

Little Cub turns five!

Cub turns five!! Birthday parties and who is invited is a BIG DEAL at this age unless you are Cub. He wanted his whole class- end of discussion. So that’s what we did.

Cub and 14 of his classmates and their parents descended on the family fun center for bumper cars, laser tag, and bowling!

We are fortunate to go to a small school where all the parents know one another. The parents know our Cub is unique and encourage their children to find ways to include Cub.

Tiger stayed close and facilitated interaction between Cub and his friends. It was a great day!!!!