Monthly Archives: May 2015

Our little techie

No surprise here- Little Cub won the technology award at school.
The irony here is that when he started using a computer at school he kept getting in trouble for banging on the screen. Once Tiger and I found out about his behavior we laughed hysterically. Cub has used a touch screen iPad his whole life. Of course he thinks it’s appropriate to hit the screen! 313920_10100397716609615_192785657_n

The generational divide is readily apparent when it comes to technology. And for whatever reason, it seems to be even more so with kiddos on the spectrum like Cub. Here’s some examples.

Cub is a literal thinker. Once, after he finished talking to his pappy on the phone, I said “ok, hang up the phone.” I got the strangest look followed by him looking around the room for a place to hang my iPhone. 😂

When we moved, our internet wasn’t yet set up. Cub was furious his tablet “was broken” no matter how many times I tried to explain the Internet, he took its constant presence for granted.

I’d tell the story about the microwave going out and enduring his explosive anger at having to wait 20 minutes for lunch but I’m not over it yet. 😡😤