Monthly Archives: July 2015

Can you feel it?

Little Cub has a high pain tolerance. When he was in Occupational Therapy he had to work hard to meet his need for prioreceptive input. He takes risks and gets hurt a lot. Our local children’s hospital denotes his autism on his chart and engages with him accordingly.
Recently, Cub knelt down in the garage to pick up his shoes. When he stood up, blood was gushing from his knee. Immediate ER trip confirmed he had knelt on a small piece of glass that was probably tracked in on someone’s shoe.

Despite all the blood, Cub sat calmly in the waiting room watching Thomas on his tablet. When he was examined, the nurse asked if it hurt. He winced and said it did but with flat affect. We all knew he was lying.

When the doctor explained what would be done to repair his skin, his eyes got huge and he got excited. He asked if he could watch. The nurse discouraged him but the doctor overruled her. “Sure, buddy, and maybe you can help!”

Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital- thank you for another wonderful experience. 😘If the past is any indication, we’ll be back, for sure. 🙄