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Roar wasn’t feeling the Mexican dinner outing tonight. His eyes said “Just give me some Unizoomi and leave me alone.” 
Check out my phone stand! Fancy! Later I’ll use it to keep the government from reading my thoughts. 

I used to care what other parents thought about my kids having electronics in restaurants but I’m over that now. 🙄 if you think that’s bad……. Check out the rest of my questionable parenting posts. There’s much more material- when you know better, you judge better. 😉

I bet you didn’t even notice his shoe situation. 

We had an awful situation happen at Roar’s school. One of his amazing teachers made a couple silly mistakes that put a child (my child) at risk of serious harm. There seems to be only two reactions when I’ve shared our story with a few trusted indivisuals “what in the holy hell?! I hope she is fired!” Or “oh my gosh. I bet she feels awful. I cannot imagine. It could happen to anyone.” 

Ugh. Me too. My head went one way and my heart went another. 

I love this teacher. She was the shoulder I cried on the first day I dropped Cub off five years ago. There is so much love in her heart and she lives for her kiddos. That’s right, they aren’t just mine in her care, they are hers too. 

But the mistake was inexcusable and the risk of harm was unthinkable. 

I wrote a heart (and head) felt letter to the center director, HR, and any “legal” people involved. I poured out my thoughts and emotions and finished my letter by saying how thankful I am that this decision of the fate of this teacher is not in my hands. 

Jesus take the wheel. This one is much to much. 😢

8/5/16 Update- A decision has been made. My heart is broken but I trust this was the best outcome for all involved. I cried. Everyone cried. I cannot say enough how impressed I’ve been with the center’s handling of the situation. A horrible set of circumstances was met with all the grace and compassion in the world. 

I don’t fit my body

Tonight Cub asked me how old his brain was because he feels it doesn’t match his body.
Today he met a 6-year-old friend with the cognitive capacity of a one-year-old. Rather than thinking any less of the other child he began self-reflection. Without prompting, He quickly shared with me that he isn’t the same age as his body either.
After he asked, I shared his cognitive age with him (based on IQ testing). His reply was that he and (friend) are the same because they don’t fit their body.
I spend so much time explaining to adults how the autism spectrum works- they are all different but their challenges are similar- but Cub gets it.
I wish I could claim some credit for his insight but he’s lightyears beyond me.

Presidents need to be calm and kind

Disturbing. Cubs therapy was just applied to Trump while watching the news.

C: Why is our next president yelling so much?
Me: He is not our next president. He wants to be.
C: He said he was.
Me: 😔 Presidents need to be calm and kind. (These are therapy words we use with Cub to deal with explosive or irrational behavior)
C: He is not calm or kind.
Me: No, he is not. He needs to use his calm down breathing before he talks and think about his words before he says them.
C: That way he doesn’t hurt people?
Me: Yes