Monthly Archives: August 2016

Hard headed 

 Roar wanted us to know he was not tired!!! He still only has about 20 words and none of them are helpful for reasoning or negotiations. 
So here we are. He screamed and cried and refused to lay down in his bed. I gave up and went down stairs. He stood at the top of the stairs screaming for about one minute and then sweet sweet silence. 

I’m still not sure who won. This seems like a stalemate but I’ll best him next time! 

Gentle and kind

Gentle and kind are words on repeat at our house. Cub learned those words in therapy to control his emotions. He’s slowly learned that gentle and kind can be his approach as well as his reaction. 
We saw this huge butterfly at the pool today. A few children had chased/scared it away from the baby pool. Cub slowly approached and talked to it softly. He told it our address and how to get to our house. He told it that it was once a caterpillar and the journey it had already been on. He reached out but never touched it. 

Cub was the first to move. Cub backed away slowly and came over to tell me everything I had just witnessed and overheard. The butterfly remained for a few more moments and then Cub told me it left to go visit our home. 

Cub is anything but gentle and kind most of the time so I had to share this sweet moment. 

More than a teacher 

Yesterday I shared how hard transitioning is on Cub. Today I got this text from his Kindergarten teacher. 
She has gone above and beyond to get him in the best first grade class for his success, shared her tips and tricks, checked on him (and me), and encouraged him. 

I’ve been promised that Cub’s kindergarten teacher was something special and that We would never have another teacher like her. Fingers crossed the naysayers are wrong. Cub needs a dozen Ms. Ws along the way to get where he’s headed. It takes a village. 

First day, First Grade

New beginnings are hard on Cub. He works so hard to appear typical. 

When he started kindergarten he was suddenly non-verbal at home. I panicked. I emailed the teacher to see how we was doing in the classroom and was assured he was dong great. Impossible. She can’t be serious. This kid was shutting down. Eating nothing. Going to bed at 6:00pm. Obviously this teacher had no idea what she was doing. Except, I was wrong, she turned out to be amazing, he just needed a week to adjust. 
So fast forward to first grade. Day numero uno. No food, no words, lethargic in his dad’s arms, wants physical touch, asleep at 5:45. No worries. This is Cub adjusting. Bring on first grade!! 

New pack member

Announcing a new pack member. A furbaby. We will call her Simba. 

Simba is a rambunctious puppy. We had been slowly looking for a small dog that doesn’t shed much with a calm disposition. We saw this girl’s photo on the internet and within 24 hours we drove the 7 hours to pick her up. 

I know what you’re thinking and you are right. Tiger and I need to work on the definitions of  “slowly” “small” “shed” and “calm.” But in our defense, life as special needs parents means flexible thinking!! Simba has been quite the addition to our family. Truthfully, it was already so chaotic she’s not disrupted the norm. 

She’s a good dog with some bad habits. We have 12 yr and 11 yr old GSDs who are wonderful and predictable. Their spirits have been broken over the years and they are submissive easy going happy old girls (Monster and whatshername). Simba is a puppy who takes ever opportunity whether she’s allowed to or not. 😳🙄 nothing is off limits. So we have our work cut out for us! 

The boys absolutely love her and she is kind and playful with them. That’s really all we could ask of her! Just Love these boys as much as we do and we will work through the rest of it. Welcome to the family Simba!!