Gentle and kind

Gentle and kind are words on repeat at our house. Cub learned those words in therapy to control his emotions. He’s slowly learned that gentle and kind can be his approach as well as his reaction. 
We saw this huge butterfly at the pool today. A few children had chased/scared it away from the baby pool. Cub slowly approached and talked to it softly. He told it our address and how to get to our house. He told it that it was once a caterpillar and the journey it had already been on. He reached out but never touched it. 

Cub was the first to move. Cub backed away slowly and came over to tell me everything I had just witnessed and overheard. The butterfly remained for a few more moments and then Cub told me it left to go visit our home. 

Cub is anything but gentle and kind most of the time so I had to share this sweet moment. 

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