Monthly Archives: October 2016

I voted! 

It felt good to get it off my chest and cast my vote. But I’m still angry. I have lots of reasons- one below. The divisiveness of this election is horrifying. I’m afraid to watch the news with my kids around because I don’t want them to hear about penis sizes, grabbing pu$$ies, fat pigs, ugly people, lying, etc. 

but let’s pretend they didn’t say all that. 

I also am appalled that our candidates believe that inner cities are bullet filled, crime riddled, poverty stricken, gang governed outhouses.  Inner cities are at their worst: government subsidized housing that requires background checks and constant income monitoring- make too much and you are out, the population (yep, actual people) consists of third generation welfare who through not fault of their own have never been given a leg up, Whose skill sets are minimal because of failing schools, whose medical care is inaccessible and unaffordable, whose job opportunities are limited because of inadequate public transportation and limited skills,  whose law enforcement are rookie officers on Nights because that what rookies get, and whose adult males are often shot first and investigated later. They rely on friends and family to protect them and maintain order. Forgive them for not living the way you’d have them but frankly, you’ve never given them a chance. 

My boys need to hear the truth about inner cities. You ready for the truth: “People live in inner-cities.” See what I did there? I made them people. Relatable humans. No judgement.

I have worked for law enforcement on nights, I have worked with abused and neglected children in inner cities, I have worked for a public defenders office in one of the largest cities in our country, I have worked for a law firm helping low income families gain access to healthcare, I have transported and provided supervised visitations between children and families in inner city housing, I have taught in an inner city early education center. I have been humbled by these experiences. Inner city populations are some of the strongest and most resilient people I’ve ever met. Let’s stop throwing them a pity party. Let’s throw them a baby shower, a birthday party, a graduation party, and retirement party.   

Run Cub! 

Cub’s school has a run fundraiser every year. Last year he got overwhelmed after four laps and sat on the pavement with his hands over his ears. 

This year, I went too! My mom came as well. We took turns walking the laps with him. He got to 11! 

We ran into some issues because Cub, never one to miss a science opportunity, found a crack in the pavement which cued up an entire science lesson on how water expands when it freezes and moves anything in its way. 

He also taught his Sheba about typhoons, and land to ocean ratios. 

After he finished he got chocolate ice cream! His favorite. 😋🍦

Grocery Store Meltdowns

Sometimes the grocery store is just too much. So many people in my way. Stopped right in front of the Honey Nut Cheerios family size boxes! And they are out of the home style applesauce! Why are all the avocados ripe? Ugh. It’s just too much. 

So if it drives me crazy, what is it like for Cub? Cub loves the grocery store when it’s empty, fully stocked, and mom adheres to the agreed upon grocery list. 

On this fateful October day, I got the wrong size marshmallows. The meltdown was the worst public meltdown to date. It was so bad, I text my mom, Shiva, and asked her to call Kroger and let them know what was going on. 

We eventually recovered and made it home to have s’mores around the fire pit. 🔥🍢