Monthly Archives: December 2016

Can’t stop me now 


Our Roar is a risk taker. Not a typical toddler curiosity initiative. A full blown “hold my beer” “challenge accepted” thrill seeker. 

A week ago, I walked into the living room to find Roar hanging from the mantle. He just stared at me like “I failed to consider my dismount. Would you assist?” 🙄

Our constant battle these days is keeping him from swinging from the dining room and kitchen chandeliers. Before Roar, I thought “swinging from the chandeliers” was a saying. Isn’t that cute? 

Picture worth a thousand words

 Our Cub talks A LOT. In fact, he never stops. He talks about space, science, math, physics, God, and more. The one things he never talks about is how he feels. I know he’s sick because the thermometer  says so. I know he’s tired because he lays down. I know he’s hungry because he hides in the pantry and eats a bag of marshmallows. I know he loves me because……. 

That’s the tricky one. I know he loves me because I just do. He says the words “I love you” with the same enthusiasm as “pass the ketchup.” 

My mom, Shiva, went to grandparents day at Cub’s school where he presented her with this piece of art. It’s a picture of him blowing hearts to her. 

Thanks so much to the teachers who helped Carmen find a way to show his love!