Monthly Archives: March 2017

2nd verse same as the first

Roar is in early intervention for speech and functional delays. He talks sometimes but mostly he’s quiet. His receptive language isn’t all that great either. We recently saw a neurologist, endocrinologist, and had genetic testing. Roar is also very low percentile for height. He’s been that way since in utero. No one knows why. Genetic testing came back normal, as have diabetes, celiac, thyroid, etc. 

So Roar goes to Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, feeding therapy, and sees an early interventionist each once a week. Exhausting. His progress is notable but not exciting. This schedule is identical to our oldest (Cub). So, second verse same as the first. The lyrics will be different because Roar is a “hold my beer/challenge accepted” kinda guy while Cub was always a tiny adult. 

Usually, I’m more positive but today I felt defeated. Tomorrow is a new day! 


 I read an article in fall of 2015 that prompted us to get Gracie. She’s been loved like a favorite stuffed animal and treated like one too. Sometimes she’s a firefighter. She’s also been a monster truck ramp, a helium hot air balloon basket passenger, a soup ingredient, a king of a lego castle, a lego train passenger, and more. Tiger and I feel sorry for her most of the time but she seems to tolerate it with Grace. 
 Here’s the link