About once a week someone says to be “I hope you’re keeping a journal.” in response to some recent family adventure I’ve shared. So here we are- me sharing a life too amusing to remember.

Setting the Scene:  Nashville, Tennessee.

Characters: Me- Mom, Tiger- Dad, Little Cub- Oldest son, Roar- Youngest Son, Monster- German Shepherd Dog, Bear- Shepherd/Pit Mix, and Pig- Guinea Pig. Recurring Character: Shiva- my mom

The craziness didn’t start with the kids. Tiger, my husband, has kept me on my toes since we met in 2003.  He’s a work-hard-play-hard kinda guy.

Next, we got the dogs. Monster was pick of the litter. Chosen for no other reason than she snuck up behind me and bit the fire out of my ankle while I was gushing over her brother. After we brought her home, she was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia so we adopted Bear to help keep her on her feet. It worked! Bear is technically Monster’s dog, we just make the vet appointments.

But since the kids, things have become more interesting. Sometimes if we didn’t laugh, we’d cry. Cub is our curious genius. He is diagnosed Asperger (Autism) and ADHD. Roar is basically joy personified. He is Developmentally Delayed due to hearing loss. We are learning what it means to be a special needs family as we go. Autism is a family diagnosis. We have had to adjust most every aspect of our lives to accommodate Cub’s needs. But for every compromise we make, we are rewarded with his incredible insights on life. Roar is just a toddler now but we can already see that he is a good time Charlie with a streak of mischief.

Follow our journey.