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Cub has a high IQ. He’s above grade level in math and science. Despite these consistent test results, the school says he doesn’t qualify for gifted education but he doesn’t have “enough creativity points.” Autism doesn’t present creativity in the way you or I would recognize it. Autism’s creativity can appear as pattern recognitions, problem solving skills, building and testing, and creating order. For Cub, he creates complex obstacle courses in the backyard. It’s creative as hell and extremely entertaining. Too bad the school can’t see what I see in this kid! 🤔


Things have been rough here lately. Looking back I probably won’t even remember why. I’m far overdue a post and have so very much to share but it will just have to wait. 
This is my outlet and I enjoy it. Life has suddenly become a bit too overwhelming to enjoy. Moments of joy seem like I’m robbing Peter to pay Paul. Two special needs kiddos is no joke. One isn’t either.
I swore up and down that good parents give it 💯. It doesn’t matter what it looks like, it’s still 💯. Somewhere along the line, it seems I started giving more than 💯. Taking from me and giving to them. 
Now we are all at a deficit. 
It will get better. I won’t remember this week. Life will go on. But today, this week, this month, Ugh. M

2nd verse same as the first

Roar is in early intervention for speech and functional delays. He talks sometimes but mostly he’s quiet. His receptive language isn’t all that great either. We recently saw a neurologist, endocrinologist, and had genetic testing. Roar is also very low percentile for height. He’s been that way since in utero. No one knows why. Genetic testing came back normal, as have diabetes, celiac, thyroid, etc. 

So Roar goes to Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, feeding therapy, and sees an early interventionist each once a week. Exhausting. His progress is notable but not exciting. This schedule is identical to our oldest (Cub). So, second verse same as the first. The lyrics will be different because Roar is a “hold my beer/challenge accepted” kinda guy while Cub was always a tiny adult. 

Usually, I’m more positive but today I felt defeated. Tomorrow is a new day!